Speakers and Demos



Juliet McKenna – “With SF&F themes and ideas so widespread across film, TV, comics and gaming, where do good, old-fashioned books fit in these days?”

Matt Pennington – Dealing with instances of sexual violence and harassment in LRP

Russell Smith – Author of the Oblivion Storm series (topic TBA)

Dr Jo Bath – The games that were played throughout history, and how you could use them within LARP.


How has Roleplay affected your writing?
Moderator: Andy Knighton
Panel: Juliet McKenna, Russell Smith, Jeannette Ng

Creating Safe Environments in Roleplay Space
Moderator: Olwen Lachowicz
Panel: Matt Pennington, Jeannette Ng, Penn Tynan, Louise Sutcliffe


Penn Tynan – Access:LARP - This workshop will take people through the basic principles of accessibility and then give small groups a chance to develop a basic plot idea for a LARP taking players from first idea, though to thinking about how it would work in practice, were the pitfalls may be and best of all, how they can fix those issues. Participants will be encouraged to be creative, not just in coming up with original ideas but in how they think about accessibility and making their proto-idea welcoming to a variety of players.

Rae Stevens – Durham University General LARP Society –  Creating LARP characters you’ll enjoy playing


Durham Medieval Combat Academy – demo of longsword fighting

Dawn of Chivalry – Arming of the knight: dressing a knight in full combat attire and explaining the purpose of each armour part

Bartitsu & Antagonistics Forum - Bartitsu demonstration