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If you’d like to trade at Nerd East, we can offer a 2m x 2m stall for a fee of £20.  Need more space?  Just book an extra stall.

For very small traders, a 0.5m stall (exam desk) is available for £5.

Please specify how much space you need on the contact form.

And if you’re coming to trade, why not give a talk as well?

Promotional Stalls

If you’d like to promote your game or club, and don’t need much space, we offer free promotional stalls.  We’ll provide what space we can, but these aren’t guaranteed to be more than 1m wide, and you shouldn’t sell merchandise from them.  If you’re a bigger enterprise and need more space, you might want to consider a trader stall.

Let us know if you’d like a stall via the contact form.

And if you’re coming to promote your group, why not give a talk as well?


We’ll have activities going on all day, such as computer games and board games, as well as periodic activities like sword-fighting and water gun tournaments.  If you can think of something that you think would fit in well, we’d love to hear from you.

And if you’re coming to run an activity, why not give a talk as well?

Sessions and Talks

We’ll be running a series of talks, sessions and demos throughout the day, in hourly and half-hourly slots.  If you’d like to come and give a talk or session, we’d love to hear from you; if you’re coming already, perhaps to run a stall, it would be great if you’d consider giving a session or talk on whatever it is that excites you.

Some successful talks and sessions in recent years have included Matt Pennington’s talk on immersion in LARP; Jo Bath’s talks on medieval medicine and medieval ghost stories; Adrian Tchaikovsky and Russell Smith’s author workshops; North East Charity Daleks’ demo on dalek building; and Durham University Improvised Comedy Society’s improvisation workshop.

If you can think of anything you would like to speak about or run, please get in touch.

We’re run not-for-profit and there’s not a lot of money around, but if it would make the difference between attending and not attending, we may be able to offer travel expenses to some speakers.

Contact Us

If you’d like to book in or volunteer for any of the above – or anything else – please use the Contact Form.